The Single Most Important Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs

Find out how the presence or absence of just one critical habit can determine your business success or failure. Read more at

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4 Responses to “The Single Most Important Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only thing I’ve gotten for being punctual….

    More work, more stress, more headaches, all because I’m the reliable
    worker. I guess I’m just in the wrong environment, wrong pay scale, wrong
    quadrant. (Points if you get the quadrant reference, hint robert kiyosaki)

  2. Anonymous says:

    As an entrepreneur, being punctual is a great habit! So often we talk about
    the skills every entrepreneur should have and forget to mention something
    as simple as punctuality. Being punctual doesn’t just show your ability to
    be on-time, but that you value other people’s time as well. Like mentioned,
    some of the most influential people decide who they will do business with
    based on the respect their time is given. -Ali 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Being on time depends on your cultural perspective, In the Middle East
    there isn’t such a focus on being on time. It certainly doesn’t detract
    from being a first class Entrepreneur. In some cultures being on time is
    important and says a lot about you. In others it depends on what is going
    on around you. In the Arab world, a family issue would be more important
    than being on time for a business meeting. Praying on time would be more
    important than attending a meeting which coincided with prayer. 

  4. Anonymous says:


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