Accelerate the way your business gets paid! (Full Version)

IPS Invoice Payment System knows the importance of liquidity, which is why we work closely and diligently with you to optimize the cash flow in your business. We offer an innovative way for your money to be available to you by promptly paying your current invoices, within 8 business hours. By depositing your current invoices at IPS, you gain total control of your cash flow, reduce administrative costs and increase your productivity.

Here are some undeniable facts about cash flow management:

- Cash flow management is vital to the success of your business, and accelerating your incoming invoice payments is the best way to optimize your cash flow and cash availability.
- Liquidity lies at the heart of every business, and effective cash flow management is at the core of liquidity.
- By partnering with IPS, you get a unique opportunity to increase your liquidity by accelerating your invoice payment cycle.

With a reach across North America, IPS Invoice Payment System exists to deliver on our promise — accelerate the way your business gets paid.


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