A Seminar in Music Business Strategy with Berklee Professor John Kellogg

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org - John Kellogg, Professor of Music Business/Management at Berklee College of Music, discusses matters of strategic interest to anyone starting out in the music industry, whether on the music or the business side. He addresses what the industry is likely to look like tomorrow and how that will change who gets paid and for what, how to use new media methods to get your music to your fans, how to network in the industry effectively, when you need a lawyer, and how to protect and monetize the songs you worked so hard on writing.


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    Yes. The music industry has changed since apple and internet appeared but
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    how does this only have 37 views? GREAT and educational

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    Awesome wisdom, and guidance. Thank You!

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    Look into the book called “all you need to know about the music business”
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    what year is this from? sounds like… 2006 or so?

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