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Project management tutorial: Managing a project with Facebook |

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Discover how to use Facebook groups as a project management tool. Watch more at This tutorial is a single movie from the

Business & Disability: IBM - Help Wanted

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A quick awareness of IBM's position on hiring people with disabilities (PwD). This video will help you understand IBM's position, meet employees with disabilities and their managers. It provides background on the Global Executive Task Force for People with Disabilities, accommodations available, man

5 Tips to Effective Management

1,715 views 0 comments Angela Huffmon gives tips to be a more effective manager and have a better more trusting relationship with your employees. For more information on managing employees visit:

Part 2 - Managing Your Human Resources - 4 Signs Your Employee May Becoming A Problem - Devin's 7's

1,730 views 0 comments Devin's 7's 7 HR Tips to Managing Your Human Resources Part 2 - 4 Signs Your Employee May Becoming A Problem In the second part of this seven part series, Scott Jette, CEO at Credo Consulting, leads a panel in a discussion to help spot the signs that your employee emp

Background Checks & Drug Testing: Managing Employees

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Pre-employment screening of employees can save your business heartache and expense if done properly and legally before a new hire starts work. Some areas can be reviewed during the interview & selection process; but, others can only be done after offering the job to the candidate. As part of an on-g

Hiring and Managing Employees

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In this video interview, David Avery, President of Powderfinger Promotions, shares how he goes about finding and interviewing the right people to staff his company (hint: interns), his philosophy on managing these people into greatness.

Managing Employees Who Are Older than You

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Patrick McConlogue is CEO of WildFyr. ( Effectively managing people that are older is essential for any young, successful business person. FOR MORE EXPERT CONTENT VISIT: Docstoc is the largest online collection of business an

Paying Employees - Hourly vs Salary

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Video from our FREE Online Business Course Session 15 Managing Employees Question: "How should an employer determine whether and employee is to be paid hourly or a set salary?" Brent M. Giddens Carlton DiSante & Freudenberger LLP Topics covered in this video: Paying

Managing Employees on ShopKeep POS | 2011

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Managing Employees is simple with ShopKeep POS iPad register. This video explains how to sign in to the register to run transactions as well as access Cashier options. Still have questions? Visit: For all support issues, please email our award-winning Customer Care team at supp

Managing Your Employees into Excellence

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In this video interview, Bernard Chiu, CEO of First Act, discusses how he goes about hiring great people for his company and what he does to ensure that the corporate culture fosters excellence, and reminds us that even an intern might have something valuable to say

Internal Communication with Employees

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Video from our FREE Online Business Course Session 15 Managing Employees Question: "How important are communications with employees?" William N. Topaz President and CEO Topics covered in this video: Internal communication, communicating with employe

Employee Incentive Plans, Bonuses, Commissions

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Video from our FREE Online Business Course Session 15 Managing Employees Question: "We've heard a lot of talk about incentive plans for employees. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on implementing these kinds of programs?" William N. Topaz President and C