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5 Tips to Effective Management

1,715 views 0 comments Angela Huffmon gives tips to be a more effective manager and have a better more trusting relationship with your employees. For more information on managing employees visit:

Background Checks & Drug Testing: Managing Employees

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Pre-employment screening of employees can save your business heartache and expense if done properly and legally before a new hire starts work. Some areas can be reviewed during the interview & selection process; but, others can only be done after offering the job to the candidate. As part of an on-g

Born Global - Managing Employees Remotely

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Some companies find it difficult to manage employees thousands of miles away. Neal Gandhi, CEO of Quickstart Global, explains how these difficulties can be overcome -

Bruce Poon Tip on Managing Corporate Culture/Employee Happiness

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Bruce Poon Tip, Founder, G Adventures on how a business model dedicated to making employees happy builds brand, engages customers, produces innovation and delivers growth. From the 2011 Canadian Business Leadership Forum

Business & Disability: IBM - Help Wanted

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A quick awareness of IBM's position on hiring people with disabilities (PwD). This video will help you understand IBM's position, meet employees with disabilities and their managers. It provides background on the Global Executive Task Force for People with Disabilities, accommodations available, man

Business Planning, Managing Employees

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Video from our FREE Online Business Course Session 2 - The Business Plan Question: "If you had to do it over again, what things would you do differently?" Maureen Costello Wholesale Distributor Topics covered in this video: Business planning, employees, job descriptio

Employee Incentive Plans, Bonuses, Commissions

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Video from our FREE Online Business Course Session 15 Managing Employees Question: "We've heard a lot of talk about incentive plans for employees. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on implementing these kinds of programs?" William N. Topaz President and C

Growing Great Employees

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Erika Andersen, author of Growing Great Employees, talks about managing people - why it's important, and how odd it is that we don't teach managers how to manage.

Hire Right!: Managing Employees

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The cost of prevention is much less than the cost of defense. As part of an on-going educational series of business topics, Richard Holland, SPHR, CCP, Vice President of Tompkins Insurance, presented "Managing Employees" to a live audience of HBA members. The Home Builders Association of Berks Co

Hiring and Managing Employees

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In this video interview, David Avery, President of Powderfinger Promotions, shares how he goes about finding and interviewing the right people to staff his company (hint: interns), his philosophy on managing these people into greatness.

Hiring and Screening Employees, Avoid Lawsuits

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Video from our FREE Online Business Course Session 15 Managing Employees Question: "As a lawyer specializing in human resources and employee issues, what consistent theme do you find in labor litigation?" Brent M. Giddens Carlton DiSante & Freudenberger LLP Topics co

How to Effectively Manage People...

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Colleen Kettenhofen - Time tested sure-fire strategies for motivating your employees and managing people. Discover how to effectively deliver bad news when things go wrong or in the face of change. Field-proven strategies for dealing with difficult employees and managing people. New! 6 secrets for m