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BYU professor Jeff Dyer studies 5 skills for business innovation - BYU News

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The most innovative CEOs spend 50 percent more time practicing five specific innovation skills than do their less creative counterparts, according to a six-year study by three prominent business scholars.

My Starbucks Idea - Social Media & Open Innovation at Starbucks

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Matthew Guiste, Director of Global Social Media at Starbucks talk about Open Innovation & Social Media. Matthew talks about generating arround 100.000 ideas for new products and business improvements. Furthermore Matthew talks about how to engage with 15 mill. fans on Facebook, T

TEDxDirigo - Eli Stefanski - Making Systems Thinking Sexy

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Elizabeth Stefanski is an impatient social innovation junkie with over a decade of experience in building and leading social ventures. She recently joined the Business Innovation Factory as chief market maker, where she is attracting capital and building partnerships to generate new models for trans

Innovation Management at Rutgers Business School

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The mission of the Network for Innovation Expertise Development (NIED, pronounced "need") is to help businesses and other organizations become expert at product and service innovation. NIED's sole focus is on the management capabilities needed to generate streams of new products and services over t

The new IBM Cloud marketplace: Gateway to innovation

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Get started today at: Watch this video to learn more about the IBM Cloud marketplace, uniting clients, users, and business partners. Home to over 200 IBM and Business Partner software and services, get to the cloud solution you need when yo

Advantages of Cloud Computing: IBM is Driving Business Model Innovation

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Businesses that harness the power of IBM SmartCloud to deliver immediate customer value are winning a competitive advantage:  See the full playlist here: The advantages of cloud computing are more than just the v

Social Business - rethinking innovation, organization and leadership

30,503 views 23 comments or A more open and transparent world challenge us to rethink the way we do business, the way we organize and the way we lead. Globalization, Tranparency, Social Media, Collaborative software - all part of a social revolution that forces companies to engage i

International Business Innovation Studies

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Promotional video for Inholland University of Applied Sciences' new bachelor programme International Business Innovation Studies.

Motivational Business Speaker - World Innovation Forum

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Andy Cohen live at the World Innovation Forum discussing his unique approach to unlocking your business innovation and creativity to boost sales and profits. Andy Cohen is a professional business speaker specializing in motivational and inspirational keynote addresses, and can help inspire your empl

Business Valuation-what is my company worth?

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Hosted by Dave Dambro (or Mark N. Bass, or Ken Honeyman), The Capital MatchPoint,, virtue of my position at the capital matchpoint, i have the opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs on almost a daily bases, entrepreneurs that are seeking capital at various s

3 Minutes! How to Value a Company for Company Valuation and How to Value a Business

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omg Clicked here I'm so SHOCKED how easy... Let's say you have a lemonade stand: It has a table worth $10, a pitcher worth $5, and drinking glasses worth $5... So a total of $20. If someone offers you $21 to buy your lemonade business, what would you s

Small Business Valuation - Multiple Of Earnings

5,952 views 3 comments Small business valuation methods - why a multiple of earnings is the best way to price your business for sale. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE BUSINESS VALUATION GUIDE:'s YOUTUBE CHANNEL: