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3 Minutes! How to Value a Company for Company Valuation and How to Value a Business

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omg Clicked here I'm so SHOCKED how easy... Let's say you have a lemonade stand: It has a table worth $10, a pitcher worth $5, and drinking glasses worth $5... So a total of $20. If someone offers you $21 to buy your lemonade business, what would you s

Advantages of Cloud Computing: IBM is Driving Business Model Innovation

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Businesses that harness the power of IBM SmartCloud to deliver immediate customer value are winning a competitive advantage:  See the full playlist here: The advantages of cloud computing are more than just the v

Business Broker | How To Sell Business In Bad Economy

5,172 views 6 comments Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Broker | selling business in bad economy What do business owners need to do if they are looking to sell their business in a bad economy? If a business owner were only going to sell their fixed assets (fixtures, furniture, and equipment)

Business Insurance Tips and Advice - FSB interview with Andrew Cave

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Small Business Insurance Tips and Advice from Towergate Insurance, focusing on an FSB interview with Andrew Cave.

Business Valuation

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This segment of UHY's Business in the Eye of the Storm deals with the ever changing role of Business Valuation. Visit for more information and other informative videos.

Business Valuation Free Cash Flow Method

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How to determine the value of a business or project using the free cash flow method. For more information visit

Business Valuation-what is my company worth?

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Hosted by Dave Dambro (or Mark N. Bass, or Ken Honeyman), The Capital MatchPoint,, virtue of my position at the capital matchpoint, i have the opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs on almost a daily bases, entrepreneurs that are seeking capital at various s

BYU professor Jeff Dyer studies 5 skills for business innovation - BYU News

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The most innovative CEOs spend 50 percent more time practicing five specific innovation skills than do their less creative counterparts, according to a six-year study by three prominent business scholars.

Ed Brodow: Negotiation Expert, Best Selling Business Author, Keynote Speaker

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Ed Brodow is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on the art of negotiation. SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt dubbed Ed Brodow the "King of Negotiators." Forbes magazine agreed, ranking Ed Brodow as one of the nation's leading dealmakers. Ed Brodow is negotiating consultant to some of the world's

Hilarious! Geoff Burch, very funny business speaker

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Very funny stuff. Geoff burch is a business speaker, but he is so entertaining anyone would enjoy watching him, regardless of his business ... all » message. He talks about sales, marketing, self employment and is author of five best selling business books. Find more clips and info at http://www.g

Hiscox: Our guide to business insurance for IT professionals

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The Hiscox Business Insurance for IT Professionals video guide explains the different business insurance products and how they can help protect your IT business.

Hiscox: Our guide to Professional Indemnity insurance

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The Hiscox Professional Indemnity Insurance video guide explains all you need to know about PI Insurance in a straight-forward way so you can protect your business effectively.