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2/15/11: Financial Modeling/Management

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Brian Goncher, Clean Tech Practice Director from Deloitte Services LP, covers what is necessary and what not to do when creating the financial model that will accompany your business plan and use to obtain capital. This workshop will provide you with what you need to know about the financial side of

4 Financial Management Tips For Entrepreneurs (AKPK Video Competition 2012)

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This is a video submitted for AKPK Video Competition 2012. The theme for this year is "Financial Awareness". Last-minute video because the submission date/time was about 4 hours before I even started.

5 Tax Saving Tips for Real Estate Investors

9,093 views 17 comments Here are 5 tax saving tips every real estate investor should know.

Accelerate the way your business gets paid! (Full Version)

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IPS Invoice Payment System knows the importance of liquidity, which is why we work closely and diligently with you to optimize the cash flow in your business. We offer an innovative way for your money to be available to you by promptly paying your current invoices, within 8 business hours. By deposi


6,447 views 1 comments Randy Gage and Eric Worre partnered with Agel Enterprises introduce an educational value-based MLM prospecting system which is teaching people about cashflow with 'Agel Cashflow Classes' Where most MLM companies and te

Cambridge Who's Who Business Financing

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The two speakers featured in Cambridge Who's Who the third chapter of the series, "Business Financing: Tips to Transform Your Ideas into Reality," are extremely passionate individuals who founded their own businesses and leveraged their talents, skills and experiences to propel their organizations t

Cash Flow Budget Presentation

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The Cash Flow statement can help develop financial literacy by showing budget examples

CBIA financing alternatives seminar - Marie OBrien, President of the CDA

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Looking for credit? Businesses can find out how to access financing. CDA president Marie O'Brien explains how businesses can qualify for programs to receive financing.

David Drake Wall Street View Crowd Funding LAVA LA 2012

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David Drake, Chairman of LDJCapital was interviewed at LAVA in Los Angeles by Shelly Kraft. He was a featured speaker and spoke to Shelly all about "Crowd Funding" a hot topic on the financial trade show circuit ! Hear what they had to talk about! Find out more at!

Don Valentine, Sequoia Capital: "Target Big Markets"

47,587 views 8 comments Since founding Sequoia Capital in 1972, Don Valentine has financed many of the companies (Apple, Oracle, Electronic Arts, NVIDIA, Cisco, Google, YouTube, etc.) that have been Silicon Valley's biggest technology and business success stories. In this View From The To

Finance & Accounting Facts : How to Evaluate a Cash Flow Statement

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To evaluate a cash flow statement, look at the net income figure, determine the cash expenses, understand how excess funds are utilized, and find out about how cash is being used for financing activities. Add and subtract subtotals together on a cash flow statement with help from a certified public

Financial Management - Lecture 01

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