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David Drake Wall Street View Crowd Funding LAVA LA 2012

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David Drake, Chairman of LDJCapital was interviewed at LAVA in Los Angeles by Shelly Kraft. He was a featured speaker and spoke to Shelly all about "Crowd Funding" a hot topic on the financial trade show circuit ! Hear what they had to talk about! Find out more at!

How Crowd Funding Donors Star in Micro-Philanthropy Story - Adam Carter

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In Chapter 7 of 16, micro-philanthropist and crowd funding expert Adam Carter shares how each local investment he makes across underserved global communities is rooted in crowd funded participation. This element informs the narrative and evolving story behind his approach serving those in need acros

Sabrina Parsons' Weekly Tip: Key Insight Into Crowd-funding

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Hi, I'm Sabrina Parsons and this is your Tip of the Week. A lot of times people want to ask me about crowd funding. What is it? Is it legal? You've probably read a lot of things about crowd funding and the Jobs Act, and it can be really confusing. I think my biggest tip is to do some reading. Just

World Business: Crowd Funding -- 18/03/2011

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World Business: With high youth unemployment across Europe, graduates are actively encouraged to set up their own businesses. However banks are unwilling to lend money and it's difficult for entrepreneurs to get started, but a new phenomenon known as 'crowd funding' which relies on thousands of indi