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Open Market Television "Group Business Software AG" Interview Jörg Ott "CEO"

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Die Group Business Software AG ist einer der führenden Anbieter von IBM Lotus-basierten Lösungen und Dienstleistungen in den Bereichen Cloud Computing, E-Mail-Management und -Archivierung, Instant Messaging, CRM, Corporate Compliance und Administration. Das Unternehmen bietet umfangreiche, präzis

Organize: The Best iPhone Apps For Organization

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Professionelle Entwicklung von Android-Business-Apps -- Arno Becker

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Arno Becker (Visionera) führt die Teilnehmer in die professionelle Entwicklung von Business-Apps mit Android ein und zeigt anhand eines Praxis-Beispieles, worauf App-Entwickler und auch Entscheider achten sollten, wenn Sie Apps konzeptionieren. Als Architekt und Ideengeber der Betriebssystem-Platt

SAP Mobile Apps Are Here

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Move over consumer apps -- SAP Mobile Apps are here. Get an overview of the innovative mobile apps that SAP is providing across a wide variety of lines of business and industries.

Software Selection: Avoiding Screw-Ups

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Every year, companies lose millions of dollars choosing the wrong business software. Don't let that happen to you. At Technology Evaluation Centers, we take the risk out of software selection. For more informations on Enterprise Ressouce planning and Software evaluation please visit TEC's website ht

The App Revolution and Your Business Success by

5,672 views 0 comments creates custom mobile apps for businesses and non profits. We create iPhone apps and Android apps. Video documents the importance of mobile phone technologies and the increasing value of custom mobile apps to meet the needs of today's mobile consumers.

Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps - Geoff Edition

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In this video, Geoff goes over his top 5, must-have, can't-live-without Android applications. Here's the list, plus links: 1. Pulse RSS(free): If you follow RSS feeds of any kind, Pulse is one of the best RSS reader options for your device. You can search for feeds or manually add your own. Feeds a

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy an iPad for Business

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Welcome to another episode of The Big Business Show, where it's not "Business as Usual." Today, we're counting down the top 5 reasons you should buy an iPad for your business. Oh, and I'll share some top apps in this video as well!

What is ERP? (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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ERP is a widely used acronym for a type of software called Enterprise Resource Planning that is not so simple to describe. This is a light and humorous way to help anyone understand what this powerful business software tool is. Jonar Systems ( is proud to present this original

What is QuickBase?

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Sign Up for a FREE trial of QuickBase here: QuickBase is a cloud-based workspace that helps teams get more done with business apps that match their exact process. Easily customize and build customizable business applications to collaborate on data

WORKetc Business Management Software

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Find out what business management software is and what it means to your business. WORKetc combines CRM, project management, billing and more into the single platform. No integration hassles, save money, save time and get more done, faster!