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Corporate: UNIT4 Business Software - "This is what we do"

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UNIT4 Business Software corporate video: "This is what we do". Showing a bit about what makes us different, and why we're great to work with. For more information visit:

Intro to Apptivo Business Software in the Cloud

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Apptivo is a cloud based business management platform containing over 40 different business applications. Choose from project management, CRM, invoicing, human resources, supply chain management, and many more business apps. Apptivo's apps are completely integrated, never before has a project mana

WORKetc Business Management Software

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Find out what business management software is and what it means to your business. WORKetc combines CRM, project management, billing and more into the single platform. No integration hassles, save money, save time and get more done, faster!

Jobber Field Service Business Software

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Jobber is the easiest to use business management system for field service companies. Landscapers, Painters, Window Cleaners and other service companies are saving time and earning more by organizing their businesses with Jobber. Quoting, Job Tracking, Scheduling, Invoicing & Billing and more are ju

Open Market Television "Group Business Software AG" Interview Jörg Ott "CEO"

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Die Group Business Software AG ist einer der führenden Anbieter von IBM Lotus-basierten Lösungen und Dienstleistungen in den Bereichen Cloud Computing, E-Mail-Management und -Archivierung, Instant Messaging, CRM, Corporate Compliance und Administration. Das Unternehmen bietet umfangreiche, präzis

1C:BIT, business software

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1C:BIT - the largest national branch network of 1C:Franchising companies. We specialize in enterprising software solutions and services for business management and analysis, accounting, finance management, resource planning, CRM, SRM and more. Our website -

What is ERP? (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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ERP is a widely used acronym for a type of software called Enterprise Resource Planning that is not so simple to describe. This is a light and humorous way to help anyone understand what this powerful business software tool is. Jonar Systems ( is proud to present this original

Software Selection: Avoiding Screw-Ups

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Every year, companies lose millions of dollars choosing the wrong business software. Don't let that happen to you. At Technology Evaluation Centers, we take the risk out of software selection. For more informations on Enterprise Ressouce planning and Software evaluation please visit TEC's website ht

Google Apps for Business Tutorial 2013 - User Management

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A tutorial on user management in Google Apps for Business, Education and Government. This is part 2 of the 2013 Google Apps Video Series. Topics covered in this Google Apps video tutorial: - Adding New Users - Suspending Users - Deleting Users - Navigating the Google Apps User Dashboard - Viewing

Mobile Business Apps: Entwicklung, Herausforderung und Beispiele | CHIP

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Alle wollen sie: Mobile Business Apps, die die Kunden anlocken und überzeugen, die Absatzzahlen steigern und stabil sind. Doch wie kommt man an ein solches Wunderwerkzeug? CHIP Online hat an drei Stellen nachgefragt: Beim Hersteller, beim Anbieter und bei einem Anwender. Sehen Sie hier, was heute

Facebook business account how to use facebook for business

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Facebook business account -- How to use facebook for business and how to create a business page on facebook and then what to do with it! Watch the full video for a bonus Facebook traffic report! Watch the video if you need to know about how to use facebook for business, use facebook for business, us

Organize: The Best iPhone Apps For Organization

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