Why You Should Never Neglect Your Mobile Email Audience

With all this talk and hype about mobile, social, Google Glass, and a lot of other technologies that are keeping media and advertising in flux, email hasn’t gotten much time under the spotlight. Granted, email isn’t the most exciting marketing medium out there. There’s little to no room for flair like animated or rich media banner advertisements. Because of the limited capacity to house such flashiness, there’s also little room for really high impact/engaging ways to grab an audience member’s attention and get them to carry out a desired action. But there are some companies like LiveIntent that are striving to change the E in E-mail into exciting, changing the email landscape as we know it.

However, even though email is not the most “in your face” medium, the E in E-mail can stand for effective. When you exclude the old Nigerian prince asking for money, countless invitations to dating websites, and other spam offers, email has a proven track record of being a reliable marketing communications tool that customers not only respond to but act upon. Here are but a few statistics showing the power of email at work:

- 91% of consumers check their email daily (source: ExactTarget)
- 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial offers via email (source: Merkle)
- 42% of people said that they prefer to receive specials from email (source: Business2Community)

But with all of these impressive statistics showing the incredible prowess of email, why is mobile email being neglected?

According to eConsultancy, 88% of people check their emails on their phones on a daily basis. And yet, 39% of companies have no strategy for mobile email in addition to 48% being unaware as to how many of their sent emails were opened on phones. Even more alarming, according to a survey done by ExactTarget, 56% of US consumers have made at least one purchase in response from a mobile email promotion.

So why do these statistics matter to you?

Let’s put these percentages into perspective: eMarketer has estimated that there are approximately 140 million mobile shoppers in the United States. By not having a mobile email strategy, you’re missing out on approximately 123,200,000 impressions from the people who check their mobile emails per day. Even worse, you’re missing out on approximately 78,400,000 transactions!

So if you don’t have an email strategy, let alone a mobile one, now is definitely the time to do so.

Author: MixoBiz

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