Soil Protection Review

The Soil Protection Review (SPR) is part of cross compliance.Completing the SPR online is quicker, easier and reduces your chances of an inspection.

What you need to know

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This tool uses Government Gateway.

Getting help

Contact the Farming Advice Service if you have any queries about the SPR.

Farming Advice Service
0345 345 1302
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
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Keeping a copy on your farm

You don’t have to complete the review online. Instead, you can keep a copy on your farm. Either:

  • use a spreadsheet
  • download, print out and complete the latest version (SPR 2010)


Sign up as an agent if you want to use the Soil Protection Review for more than 1 farmer.

Cross compliance

These standards are part of cross compliance. You must meet them to get your farming subsidy under the Single Payment Scheme.


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