Road occupation licence for building work (England and Wales)


Contact the council for a road occupation licence if you want to dig up the road, or put anything in it in connection with building work in England or Wales.

You must make sure any hole or obstruction is:

  • properly fenced off
  • lit during darkness

How to apply

Contact the council to apply for a road occupation licence.

You must provide a site plan, and you might need to provide other plans. You must also have a public liability insurance certificate.

You will have to pay a fee.

Fines and penalties

If you don’t obey the conditions in the licence, or you don’t properly fence or light the hole or obstruction:

  • you can be fined £10 a day
  • the council can fill in the hole, or remove your materials, and charge you for this
  • you can be prosecuted under other laws

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