Request UK processing of an international patent application

If you’ve made an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) you can make a request for it to be processed in the UK national phase to obtain a UK patent.

You must make a request within 31 months of either the:

  • priority date if your international application claims priority from an earlier application
  • filing date of your international application if no priority is claimed

This service will be unavailable from midnight on Saturday 8 November 2014 to 7am on Sunday 9 November 2014.

What you need to know

Start nowon the Intellectual Property Office service

You’ll need:

  • details of your completed international PCT application, including supporting documents (in PDF format)
  • a translation of the international application if it wasn’t filed or published in English
  • a debit or credit card, or an Intellectual Property Office (IPO) deposit account
  • an email address

Additional information

You should request a search and a ‘substantive examination’ to have your application processed in the UK.


Type of application Cost
Begin the national phase (UK) of an international application for a patent £30
Search – for applications already searched internationally £100
Search – for any other application £130
Substantive examination £80

You can’t apply online from 1am to 3am (UK time).


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