Oil and gas environmental reporting and regulations

  1. Oil and gas: Charging regime for licensing, exploration and development

    Explanation of DECC’s charging regime for Oil and Gas consents consents issued under Petroleum Licences, Offshore methane gas and carbon dioxide storage licences and for Pipeline Works Authorisations, issued under Part III of the Petroleum Act 1998

  2. Oil and gas: DECC Public Registers of Enforcement Activity

    Oil and gas: DECC Public Registers of Enforcement Activity

  3. Oil and gas: EEMS database

    Access the Environmental and Emissions Monitoring System database to get data on oil rigs and other offshore installations around the UK.

  4. Oil and gas: OSPAR EMS Recommendation

    The recommended environmental management system (EMS) designed to achieve the general objectives of the OSPAR Offshore Strategy.

  5. Oil and gas: UK Oil Portal

    The UK Oil Portal provides authenticated and secure access to e-business systems which support the regulation of the UK Oil and Gas industry

  6. Oil and gas: environmental alerts and incident reporting including anonymous reporting

    How to report incidents, including pro-formas for PON1 and PON2 and guidance on completion; listing of environmental alerts for operators in the North Sea.

  7. Oil and gas: environmental data

    Researchers can review records of applications and statements, including PON15s, submitted to DECC as required by environmental regulations.

  8. Oil and gas: environmental policy

    Information and minutes for OSPAR, REACH and research groups and forums for offshore oil and gas.

  9. Oil and gas: offshore emergency response legislation

    How to comply with planning and training and for spills and other oil pollution incidents; what will happen in the event of an incident


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