Lower Advertising Costs While Increasing Brand Recognition Using Customer Based Marketing Tools

Small and medium sized local businesses face many challenges in today’s highly competitive world. Gaining brand recognition while establishing and retaining a strong customer base is paramount when considering a company’s success and growth. When offering exceptional custom relations, quality products and/or services word of mouth advertising is statistically the best marketing tool to help your brand be recognized. The drawback to this type of advertising is that the recommendations only occur when a loyal customer is asked about your product or you service is needed. The greatest advantage to word of mouth advertising is that it is free and comes from a reliable source. So the question becomes how to increase curiosity about your brand to potential customers and inspire existing customers to talk about your business.

Many businesses use tee shirts, pens, hats, etc to help bring attention to their brand. Clocks should also be added to the list of great visual advertising tools. Like the ever popular tee shirt a clocks face is an excellent canvas to display you business logo and brand. However clocks hold an important advantage over hats, tee shirts and similar branding tools in that people are inherently compelled to look at a clock. Our need to always know the time of day almost guarantees that if a clock is available we will look at it.

A custom made wall clock whether neon or non-illuminated that is artistic and decorative keeps your brand in the minds of those who see the clock. Additionally this type of advertising can turn into a profitable venture. An artistically designed clock face that cleverly depicts your brand in a cool and decorative format becomes sought after art. Much like tee shirts or hats, custom clocks can be offered for sale, this helps to offset up front costs, inspires inquires about your brand and those who buy the clock are actually paying you to advertise your business.

Tee shirts and hats have the advantage of being mobile turning customers into walking billboards for your brand. Their disadvantage is that the wear out fairly quickly and start to look shoddy. Quality wall clocks advantage is that they last for years looking like new, their disadvantage is that they are static. However, when combined as part of your overall marketing plan each offers a unique way to cut or alleviate advertising costs while increasing brand awareness to a broad spectrum of potential customers. No matter the type of business you’re in this type of branding works to your advantage, increasing word of mouth recommendations, keeping your name in the public’s eye and giving you the opportunity to have customers pay to advertise your brand for you.

Author: MixoBiz

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