Is Your Company Using Graphic Design Correctly?

Is there any doubt about which company sells the Starbucks Coffee?

There are companies that are using graphic design so effectively that their company name no longer needs to be listed on their marketing materials. A logo or graphic are all customers need to see to know what company is advertising their newest product or service. Following is a list of three top points to utilizing graphic design correctly in your branding strategy.

Looking at a cohesive marketing package includes everything from the stationary you send letters on to the website your clients search for. Ensuring the same colors, graphics, fonts, and feels are used throughout every piece of branding that goes out means your company will be remembered.

The overall tone of your branding should be consistent regardless if it’s print or digital media. An email sent out should have the same feeling as a brochure a client picks up. That brochure should echo a graphic idea from the website it suggests a customer check out. All the graphic elements express a company’s ideas and should all carry the same message.

Effective marketing starts with clarity. Letting clients know what the product is or what the company does based on a few words or a graphic is not an easy task! With so little time and space to make the first impact, a clear message is crucial. Some markets don’t require this, if you know the name, you know the company. Other markets, or newer start-up companies, need more information in their branding to begin with that could be phased out as the company becomes more well-known.

Constant Management
It’s easy to look through the history of long standing company logos and see where they started and where they’ve ended up. Continuing to evolve and adapt the logo and branding you choose to the current market while holding true to the original idea means your logo is recognizable no matter what you change. There are key elements when initially developing a brand or re-branding a logo that needs to be taken into consideration.

An example is those famous golden arches. The base logo design was used in the 1960′s and has changed over the years but consumers still look at the original logo and know exactly what it’s for.

Ensuring every piece of marketing has your company’s thoughtful branding puts a thought out, cohesive message to all potential customers.

Author: MixoBiz

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