Importing and exporting food

1. Overview

Importing food

Most food and drink products imported from the EU have no restrictions.

Most regulations are for food and drink that are imported from countries outside the EU. In this case you may need:

  • health certificates
  • import licences

You must follow general export regulations.

Exporting food

You will have to research the food safety regulations in the countries you choose to export food to. Regulations can be different to those in the UK.

You can find information about the country you want to export to from:

  • your local UK Trade and Investment Trade Team
  • food and drink trade associations
  • your local chamber of commerce

You must follow general export regulations.

3. Genetically Modified foods

Genetically Modified (GM) foods are not grown commercially in the UK. The GM foods you can import are varieties of the following:

  • oilseed rape
  • soybean
  • cotton-seed oil
  • maize
  • sugar beet

You can search for authorised GM foods on the European Commission website.

There is detailed guidance on labelling and other issues relating to GMfoods from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).


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