How to Develop a Strong Brand Voice for Your Brand or Company

What is brand?

A brand is the connection of customers’ expectation and their experience, it’s simple meaning of reflection of company identity and reputation.

What is branding?

A branding means creating a brand. It is a process which involves, positioning your company or product in the market (domestic or international), design a brand strategy (how you will reach your goals), creating your identity, designing company corporate identity or product identity, define brand messaging, and setting brand standards (how you keep your brand consistent and strong).

A branding is the idea or concept of a specific business products or services that customers connect with, by identifying the name, logo (symbolic form), slogan, marketing material, advertisement material and design of the company who owns the idea.

The companies invests money in creating logo, identity design, merchandizing activities, marketing & advertising design, packaging, website design and then wonder why they are not getting the expected results – or might assume that they cannot get better results. We always asks a common question to everyone – had they invested money & time in branding strategies along the way; their stories could have been quite different.


Brand should have a strong voice, so that customers are attracting towards it.


There are three major things to define a strong brand - Visually, Verbally and Vision.

#1 Visually - includes Logo design, colors, conceptualization and branding design.

#2 Verbally - includes messages, tagline, slogan, jingles and marketing speech.

#3 Vision - means your brand promise and it’s required a lot’s of R&D.


Brand voice is the tone in which you speak to and connect with your target customers.


Many companies get caught up in talking about they do, sell, offer or provides because their brand doesn’t speak what they want. In general, every business owner knows everything and they are under impression that they are providing best services / products in the market but this is not true every time. When you want to crash the market you need to build a strong brand voice. The strong brand voice connects your target customers towards your company from the competitions.


Brand voice needs to be consistent, authentic and convincing, even across audiences.


Let’s start with an example for more details; we have been working with the manufacturing company in India, after the completion of visual identity, we have started to work upon creating a brand voice.

#1 Tagline

#2 Slogans

#3 Radio Jingles

#4 Identify benefit of product

#5 Marketing & Sales speech

#6 Effective messages for advertising – Why we are different?

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