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Grant Thornton / Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Maximum employees



Any independent business based in England and registered in the UK. Businesses must have fewer than 250 employees, turn over less than £40 million and can’t be part of a larger group.

Eligible businesses must also be able to demonstrate the ability to achieve high growth.

You’re eligible as a sole trader if your business has over 10 employees.

Additional information

GrowthAccelerator provides coaching and advice to help small and medium-sized businesses to grow quickly and sustainably. It’s aimed at owners and managers in all sectors with high growth potential.

You’ll also have access to up to £2,000 match funding per senior manager involved in the strategic direction of the business, to take leadership and management training recommended for your business.

For more sources of support see the Business Finance and Support Finder, the business support helpline in your area and Business Mentoring.


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