Generating low carbon energy

  1. Calculating Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

    An explanation of how the number of ROCs issues to generators is determined.

  2. Community Energy

    A guide aimed at local groups who are interested in setting up a community energy project.

  3. Electricity meters used for the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme

    Import supply meters affected by onsite renewable electricity generation.

  4. Electricity network delivery and access

    Renewable & low carbon generation need to connect to electricity networks in order for us to meet climate change & renewable energy targets.

  5. Generating energy from waste, including anaerobic digestion

    How to comply with regulations for energy recovery and advanced conversion technologies.

  6. Innovation funding for low-carbon technologies: opportunities for bidders

    How to enter open competitions or bid for upcoming contracts in government-funded low-carbon projects up to 2015.

  7. International outreach work of the 2050 Calculator

    The 2050 Calculator approach is being adapted and developed further by teams outside of the UK

  8. Offshore wind: part of the UK’s energy mix

    How to plan offshore wind farms and get investment grants and how we’re helping UK industry win a greater share of renewables business.

  9. Onshore wind: part of the UK’s energy mix

    Onshore wind is a home-grown energy source that will protect UK consumers from energy price shocks and help meet renewable energy targets.

  10. Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme

    The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme is now closed. Householders can now apply for the domestic RHI scheme which launched on 9 April 2014

  11. Sustainability standards for electricity generation from biomass

    How you must report on sustainability for biomass and biogas electricty generation, if you generate over 50KW.

  12. Wave and tidal energy: part of the UK’s energy mix

    An explanation of the energy-producing potential of wave and tidal stream energy in the UK.


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