Farm management and finance

  1. Access benefits through green innovation in farming

    Green innovation can benefit your farm business and the environment: biotechnology, managing waste, land contamination and water pollution

  2. Agricultural tenancies

    If you rent your farmland or farm buildings, find out your rights as a tenant and how to claim compensation for improvements, terminate a tenancy or name a successor.

  3. Agricultural vehicle licences and fuel

    Find out which licence you need for agricultural vehicles and which tax and operator’s licence exemptions might apply to you.

  4. Animals and animal products: international trade regulations

    Specific guidelines for trading animals and products of animal origin, including health certificates and licences, and the general system of declarations and checks for importing or exporting.

  5. Approved milk purchasers

    Under the Milk Quota Scheme, an approved purchaser must keep records for all of its milk producers. Find out how to apply to become a purchaser.

  6. Become a producer organisation

    Find out how you can set up a producer organisation (PO) as a group of growers.

  7. Deer farming: health and welfare

    Guidance on welfare standards, deer movement, disease prevention, notifiable diseases, lead poisoning and field slaughter.

  8. Developing farmland: regulations on land use

    Planning applications for new buildings on agricultural land or change of use for existing farmland or buildings.

  9. Disease notification: duties of farmers

    Regulations about animal health on farms: what to do if you suspect a disease outbreak and how diseases are controlled.

  10. Diversifying farming businesses

    How farmers can add business activities to traditional farming to develop new sources of income.

  11. Employing farm workers

    Agricultural workers’ pay and working conditions, labour and health and safety laws, and recruiting temporary workers from overseas.

  12. End of the Milk Quota Scheme

    The Milk Quota Scheme ends on 31 March 2015. Find out about the current legislation on milk quotas and the milk supplementary levy.

  13. Exporting Common Agricultural Policy goods

    How to export food and agriculture products covered by CAP: export licences, duty, export quotas and relief from CAP charges.

  14. Farm business and financial planning

    Business plans, account management, benchmarking and planning for farming businesses.

  15. Farm health and safety

    A guide to farming risks, potential problems with public safety and how to avoid accidents

  16. Farm shops and farmers’ markets

    How to get farm shops and farmers’ markets certification, licensing and other requirements for food safety, hygiene and labelling

  17. Gangmasters Licensing Authority

    Licensing and code of practice for gangmasters supplying workers to the agricultural, horticultural and shellfish-gathering industries.

  18. How the Milk Quota Scheme works

    The EU scheme sets an annual quota on the milk sales of each member state. Find out how this works in the UK.

  19. International trade products and schemes

    Sources of advice and financial support for UK farmers exporting agricultural products to the EU and beyond

  20. Intervention and Private Storage Aid schemes

    Financial support for traders and farmers from intervention and Private Storage Aid schemes

  21. Intervention schemes for agricultural products

    Find out what an intervention scheme is and how farmers and traders can check if one is available for their product

  22. Introduction to producer organisations for growers

    Find out what a producer organisation (PO) is and the benefits of joining one.

  23. Livestock farming business calculators

    Online tools to give you a snapshot of how changes in feed, forage and other costs for beef cattle and sheep will affect your net margins

  24. Milk quotas: overview

    Information for quota holdings about the Milk Quota Scheme, the types of quota available and what holders of milk quotas must do.

  25. Organic produce: how to become an importer

    Find out what organic products can be imported into the UK, how to register as an importer and how to get import authorisation.

  26. Pig farming: health regulations

    Notifiable diseases in pigs, pig feed regulations, use of antibiotics, treatment of disease and disposal of fallen stock

  27. Pig farming: welfare regulations

    Animal welfare requirements and specific standards for keeping pigs, including feed, housing and management.

  28. Pigs: identification, registration and movement

    Identification, inspections and record keeping to control pig diseases, by enabling tracing in the event of an outbreak.

  29. Registering your land

    How and when to register your land with the Rural Payments Agency or Land Registry.

  30. Selling milk direct to the customer

    Find out how you can sell milk direct to the customer under the Milk Quota Scheme.

  31. Using the PEACH system to import plants and fresh produce

    How to register with and use the Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH) online system to comply with regulations when importing plants or fruits and vegetables.

  32. Vehicles and machinery on farms

    Health and safety issues and regulations for farm vehicles, machinery and equipment: risk assessments and good practice.


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