Energy security

  1. 2050 Pathways

    Exploring how the UK can meet the 2050 emission reduction target using the web-based 2050 Calculator.

  2. Consents and planning applications for national energy infrastructure projects

    Guidance on regulations covering new power generating plants and wayleaves

  3. Electricity licence exemptions

    Electricity companies, under certain criteria, can be exempt from electricity generation, transmission, distribution or supply licences.

  4. Electricity network delivery and access

    Renewable & low carbon generation need to connect to electricity networks in order for us to meet climate change & renewable energy targets.

  5. International outreach work of the 2050 Calculator

    The 2050 Calculator approach is being adapted and developed further by teams outside of the UK

  6. Oil and gas: Review of UK offshore oil and gas recovery

    Sir Ian Wood is leading a review aiming to maximise the economic recovery from the UK offshore oil and gas.

  7. Onshore wind: part of the UK’s energy mix

    Onshore wind is a home-grown energy source that will protect UK consumers from energy price shocks and help meet renewable energy targets.

  8. Preparing for and responding to energy emergencies

    How DECC has planned for emergencies potentially affecting oil, gas and electricity production and supply, and the civil nuclear establishment.


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