Do Promotional Products Still Work In the Internet Age?

If brand recognition is anything to go by, attaching positive impressions to your company’s name is actually much of a big deal. Sometimes there is no better way to quench skepticism from people in the outside circle than to give them a taste of your products or services with no strings attached. Overall, it raises a high concern on the effectiveness of promotional products in an era of technological revolution. Though you may find few contemporary studies vouching for company progress in connection to promotional products particularly in the recent years, for a long time the answer for the valid question has been “yes.”

· The general standpoint

Naturally, when you give a gift or do something special to a human being, he or she will feel special, loved and grateful. To some extent, there will be a lingering feeling that they owe their benefactors or the person who gave gifts (or did something special) a great deal. Without a doubt, they seem to remember vividly who gave them the gift. Similarly, it works for promotional products. Every time the consumer uses a particular product, he/she will remember where it came from. In cases where he/she hardly remembers anything, the logo or company name breaks the spell.

· Modern surveys

Back in the days, companies conducting surveys would use questionnaires and the like to find out the response people had concerning their promotional products. The process took long and involved a lot of manpower. However, with massive technological development, you will find companies using media for survey purposes. Social networks for instance offer a platform for many businesses to get all the feedback they need from customers all over. Surprisingly, modern surveys reveal that the results are still the same. If anything, the resultant figures only have slight differences with prolonged consistency throughout the period.

· Survey outcome

Apparently, virtually 90% of participants admitted to having most of their promotional products in their possession, which they use quite often. The benefits of promotional products are among the citations that caused people to hold on to the products for a long time. Some of the products that made it to the top as the most vital include computers, electronics (pedometers), health products, security products and the like.

In conclusion, not everyone has the luxury to get certain things in life the minute they hit the market. Letting people have something they like free creates a lingering impression on their minds. Consequently, when things get better, depending on the quality of a product, it will always be a first choice. On the flip side, loyal customers who are often in search of quality products (can afford them regardless of cost) will cling to the product if it measures up to their standards.

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