Crops and horticulture

  1. Agriculture, horticulture and fisheries: international trade regulations

    Import and export regulations for the agriculture, horticulture and fisheries industries and how to apply for relevant licences and permissions.

  2. Cereals, oilseeds and fodder: getting funding

    Payments under agricultural policies for farms growing combinable crops, grants for processed fodder and biofuels and the EU cereals intervention scheme.

  3. Disease control in flowers and shrubs

    How to recognise common pests and diseases in ornamentals, how to prevent them, quarantine measures, disease notification and effective treatments.

  4. Farm Saved Seed

    Farm Saved Seed rules, eligible species for payment and how to declare and make payments online.

  5. Farm business survey – technical notes and guidance

    Technical information, notes and guidance on the farm business survey.

  6. Fertiliser recommendations for crops

    Crop fertiliser recommendations from the Defra Fertiliser Manual RB209, including choosing, applying and managing fertilisers and manures.

  7. Food certification and assurance schemes

    Food assurance schemes – such as Red Tractor and the Lion logo for eggs – guarantee defined standards of food safety or animal welfare.

  8. Industrial energy and non-food crops: business opportunities for farmers

    Business potential of producing crops for non-food markets, how and where to grow them and details of organisations providing grants.

  9. Industrial fibre crops: business opportunities for farmers

    How to get a licence for hemp and other industrial fibre crops and details about the Fibre Processing Aid Scheme and the Energy Crops Scheme.

  10. Managing soil types

    How to identify and maintain the 5 main soil types.

  11. Marketing agricultural and vegetable seed varieties

    How to market and apply for certification of agricultural and vegetable seeds in England, under UK and EU seed legislation.

  12. National Lists of agricultural and vegetable crops

    Lists of agricultural and vegetable varieties eligible for certification and marketing in the UK.

  13. Pests and diseases in combinable crops

    How to recognise symptoms of common diseases in combine machine harvested crops, and prevent and control them with effective treatments.

  14. Pests and diseases in fruit and vegetables

    Symptoms of common or notifiable diseases in fruit and vegetables, how to prevent them, and effective treatments.

  15. Plant Breeders’ Rights

    Find out about the criteria for PBR, the entitlements conveyed, the application process and compulsory licences.

  16. Plant Health Propagation Scheme

    How commercial plant growers can get Plant Health Propagation Scheme-certified stocks, eligible plant material, husbandry and hygeine standards, and grading system.

  17. Plant health controls

    Plant health controls and legislation, certification schemes, plant passporting and listed quarantine plant pests.

  18. Potato growers: funding, levies and Cross Compliance

    Requirements for the Single Payment Scheme and regional funding for potato farmers, and how to prevent and control diseases and pests.

  19. Structure of the agricultural industry: survey notes and guidance

    Technical information, notes and guidance on the surveys of the structure of the agricultural industry.

  20. Sugar beet: claiming payments

    Entitlements for farmers under the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) for sugar beet growers who are registered with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

  21. Weed control for farmers

    Controlling weeds on farms by maintaining the agricultural and environmental conditions of cross compliance.


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