Consumer Engagement and Brand Recoginition

There was a time when the focus of marketing strategies was to pique the interest of a target consumer audience. If a design, product or campaign rollout had enough “eye-ball grabbing potential”, then people would automatically spare a few minutes of their time to digest the novelty of what was in front of them.

In today’s environment, when the focus is to satiate the consumer’s desire for instant-everything as much as possible, it would be unwise to underestimate the importance of intuitive, relatable connecting.

The key to successful strategizing lies not only in securing a longer shelf life for the product or service; but also in establishing longevity through imprinting on the collective memory of the target group. If a brand offers a product or service impervious to the dangers of becoming dated, it has automatically sidestepped the dangers of coming “off-the-market”. However, the beauty of the process shines through when the brand demonstrates innovative flexibility, that responds to the fickleness of the golden adage: the customer is always right.”

If well-thought out and implemented correctly, the imprint is internalized, consciously or unconsciously seeping through generations and transcending the evolutionary forces of rapidly changing lifestyle choices in all spheres; making the product or service a household name. Once a brand develops such a reputation, keeping it up is relatively effortless, for reiterating the “user-friendliness” of its offerings across age or social groups or cultural demographics don’t need much explanation.

In simple words, just “two minutes of your time” doesn’t go a long way in establishing a relationship anymore. The ability to engage implies a two-way exchange. A brand offers a new idea to the relevant consumer group. If this creates an emotional connection, if it caters to a practical requirement or better still, nurtures a deep-seated longing for the “comfort zone” and all that it stands for; a long existing symbiotic relationship of accommodation on one side and appreciation on the other is set into motion. Speaking of two minutes, the perfect example that springs to mind is Maggi. It’s Meri Maggi campaign-My Maggi– speaks for itself.

Author: MixoBiz

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