Blogging for Your Brand

Having a quality blog is one of the best tools for building your brand; this is the voice of your organization. Blogging can help establish credibility and can give your target audience a reason to connect with you. Unfortunately, many businesses are neglecting their blog. Some fail to blog consistently, due to fears of blogging incorrectly. Here are some tips to help:

1. Remember Your Blog is about Your Audience, Not You. A mistake that many organizations make is only blogging about the company. Yes, your clients may be interested in what’s new with the organization; however they also want to benefit from reading your blog. Write about something that is valuable to your audience. What can help them and their business?

2. Be Consistent. For best results, you should blog at least once a week. Having an editorial calendar will help with consistency. If you are not consistent with your blog, your target audience may forget about you. Also, updating your blog regularly will boost your search engine ranking. This will give your audience a reason to visit your website, and connect with you.

3. Be Informal. Many organizations have a formal blog, where they use language that their audience cannot relate to. Being causal will make your audience feel more connected to you and your business.

4. Encourage Readers to Comment on your Blog. A great way to build relationships with your readers is to encourage them to comment. Ask a question at the end of your blog. You’ll be amazed by the results.

5. Write about News and Trends in your Industry. Do you want your target audience to see you as someone who knows what’s going on in your industry? A great way to be seen as an informed professional is to write about news and the latest trends.

6. Share with your Social Media Followers- If you have written a valuable blog that will be helpful to your social media followers, share it with them. Let them see that you are an expert, and they can come to you for help.

7. Make sure your Content is Relevant to your Brand. Everything that you publish has to support your brand. Having a solid image, is crucial for the success of your business. You want your audience to know that they can come to you first, instead of a competitor.


Author: MixoBiz

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