Apply for a marine licence

Register and apply for a marine licence to do work that will disturb the seabed, eg construction work, laying cables and pipes, dredging, disposing of waste and working with explosives.

Apply for a wildlife licence to do work that might disturb protected species.

What you need to know

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Before you start

Use this service to:

  • apply for a marine licence
  • apply for a wildlife licence
  • ask for advice on how to prepare and submit a licence application

You’ll need an email to register to use the service.

The marine licensing guidance has details about which activities need a licence.


Fees for licences vary depending on the size of the project and how complicated the application is.

Check the full list of charges for advice and licence fees.

You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay your fee.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Apply for a licence from:


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