Advertising Is an Essential Part of Life

Imagine a world where nobody knew anything about anything or anyone. That’s the world we’d live in without advertising. And advertising is deeper than companies making a profit, it’s about being heard and understood by people who don’t yet know you, brand or otherwise. At Footrr, we focus on brands and advertising so you make a profit. But that’s only half of the story. You advertise your self and other brands almost every single day of your life.

Remember when you had to apply for a job? You wrote up a nice resume, maybe even a cover letter, and submitted it to one or more places. You were advertising who you are. “Hire me because of what I have written”, or more realistically it said, “Get to know me on this piece of paper; understand who I am and how I can contribute“. That’s advertising at it’s finest! Nobody can advertise yourself like you.

But wait, there’s more! When you invite someone to a birthday party, a bar, family event, or some sort of gathering, you’re indirectly telling the person you’re inviting, “Hey, I’m going to be there. You should be there, too!“. You’ve advertised the fact that you’ll be there in a much more subtle manner.

But it doesn’t stop there! We are so tied in with the world of advertising that we wear it, we display it, and we do it proudly! Some people wear Armani clothing, Nike shoes (or maybe even Jordan’s), your car dealership often puts a sticker on the back of your car or brands themselves with a licence plate holder – on your $20,000-$50,000 purchase, and so on. The fact is that we are so entangled with advertising that we don’t notice a lot of it anymore unless it doesn’t fit it, like a billboard on the highway. Would our clothes look as nice without a logo or name on it? Most of the time, yes. But you have to give up the prestige feeling of wearing Armani and displaying to the world that you are a person of fashion.

Without advertising, and proper branding (also very important), you’re looking at a boring planet to live on. Pepsi is everywhere, and literally reaches every corner of the planet where people live. But they didn’t acquire the distribution methods over night, it took years of advertising and growing they brand so more people would drink Pepsi products, so they could build a perfect distribution method.

The fact is we wouldn’t know about many of the nice things in life without advertising and it’s many different forms. From luxury hotels to buying beat-up cars to buying Uncle Bens rice, Delissio Pizza’s and McDonalds.

Author: MixoBiz

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