8 Tips for Awesome Agency-Client Relationships

If you are working with an advertising agency, then you want great work in exchange for your investment of money and time. Every business to business work relationship is a two way street. In order to do great things together, each party should be educated about each other, the project being created, and expectations about that project.

1. Let them work

Since you’ve hired professionals to help you complete a job, let them to do that job. Allow them the opportunity to impress you with their ideas. By giving them the freedom to work, you might end up with something outside the proverbial box that you couldn’t have developed on your own.

2. Find a good fit

As with any relationship, there needs to be a good fit for positive things to happen. Do they understand your industry, style, strengths, and vision for your company? By finding an advertising agency that meshes with your own business and communication style, you’ll likely have better success.

3. Explain what you like… and what you don’t

No one has the ability to read minds. In order to help the agency staff head in the direction you like with their creative, provide them with a few examples of other ad campaigns that you like and don’t like. Whether they are in your industry or not, simply sharing your opinions of tone, format, and colors will help them set parameters from which to begin.

4. Communicate

From beginning to end on any project with an advertising agency, communication is the key to success. If at any time you have questions, reservations, or positive feedback, it is helpful to let them know. Without doing so can result in wasted time and disappointment. Getting to know everyone working on your account can help secure loyalties to you and your project.

5. You get what you pay for

Don’t expect a gallery masterpiece if all you allow in your budget is crayons. If the project is important enough, then the professionals should be compensated accordingly. Marketing campaigns can be expensive, due to printing, postage, media costs, and qualified talent. However, with the right campaign, the ROI can be worth it.

6. It’s not about you

Truth be told, the work that advertising agencies do isn’t created with you in mind, but your customer. The advertisements and marketing campaigns should be geared towards what your customer would react to and like. Don’t get too caught up in your own opinions and feelings about the work. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and then think about it.

7. Don’t be cruel

Honest criticism and communication about negative feedback is necessary and should be done. However, being pushy or wielding your power as the client that is always right won’t do you any favors. Professionals can handle criticism, but respecting them by also being professional in your delivery can keep the project on course, rather than derailed due to a strained relationship.

8. Be a good client

In short, the best way to end up with great work from an advertising agency is to be a great client to them. No one wants to work with a trouble client and no one wants to be a trouble client. Good creative projects are made in an environment of mutual respect and shared ideas.

Author: MixoBiz

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