5 Secrets to Great Client-Advertising Agency Relationships

A great relationship doesn’t just happen, it is often the product of mutually interested parties who put in effort and care to ensure mutual satisfaction and desired results. This definition may hold true for relationships of a personal nature or a professional nature. When it comes to the relationship between a client and its advertising agency, a great relationship just does not happen either; it takes work, effort, and communication. Below are five secrets to a great client and advertising agency relationships.

Talk it Out
Communication is essential for any relationship and even more so with professional relationships, such as between agency and client. For a new relationship or partnership, the communications may be more focused on establishing goals, objectives, budgets, timelines and metrics by which success will be measured. For established and ongoing relationships, talk may be of what the metrics are saying as to success, ongoing goals, new campaigns, and trends on the horizon for marketing, advertising, branding and more.

How to Talk
It can be easy to rely on email for communicating when it comes to a client agency relationship. Along with email there is often a regularly scheduled conference calls. These calls may be of a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, but regardless of frequency, they are an important tool for checking in and reviewing timelines, goals, objectives, and any other business at hand. It is important to remember however, that face to face meetings are extremely important for an advertising agency and its client. These face to face meetings are ideally had in person, but for times that is not possible, video conference calls can be a strong substitute.

Establish Parameters
When it comes to ensuring both parties are on the same page, it is essential to clearly and frequently communicate and reiterate goals, budgets, timelines, progress, return on investments and appropriate analytics and metrics that show and back up the success of the campaign or effort at hand. These conversations will have distinct characteristics and phases, depending where the campaign is in its efforts. The length of the agency client relationship will also help determine the conversation and discussion of analytics, metrics, and other measures of campaign success.

When it comes to a client and advertising agency relationship, it may be said that preferred words include teamwork and partnership. When both parties are equally invested, achieving goals becomes easier and both see the desired return on investment. Such success may also mean that a new client becomes an ongoing or established client. For the client, it may mean no more looking for an ad agency, that the trusted partner has been found.

Trusted Agency
Perhaps the best tip for a great client and advertising agency relationship is to find a trusted full service agency. Take time to truly talk with potential agencies, listen to what they have to say and feel confident that the agency is listening to the goals and objectives at hand. Feeling confident from the outset with an advertising agency often helps the other four tips above easily and readily fall into place.

Author: MixoBiz

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